PROSPECTOR is our research profiling service for comprehensive, up-to-date sector intelligence reporting. 

​​What can PROSPECTOR do for your company?



Our PROSPECTOR resouce reveals the national & international competitive & collaborative landscape in which you operate.

        Understand your competitors, their programmes, assets & IP rights.
        Assess technology overlap & analyse risks.

        Identify companies with similar R&D goals, exploit synergies and find research
        funding opportunities.

PROSPECTOR reports encompass:

  •     Global atlas of commercial organisations in your field (collaborators & competitors)
  •     Register of the most impactful academic groups & PIs
  •     Current data on capital investments and grant-funding flows
  •     Market evaluation
  •     Overview of recent clinical trial activity
  •     Analysis of key patent filings

The PROSPECTOR gives you the complete picture.

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Providing comprehensive, up-to-date 
competitor analysis  

Planning to enter a new market/sector? 
Track competitors' activities, patent filings & key assets


Are you seeking collaborative opportunities?

Looking for industry or academic partners for joint funding bids? 
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